The World

It’s the year 20XX.

Mankind’s world has ended.

Enter the world of Corgi Run where the canine agents of D.O.G.E battle the evil organization of L.O.L Cats

The Characters


The Corgi

Hershel’s short legs are propelled ever forward by the desire to help others (and tasty treats). With a big heart in an adorably-long body, Hershel is quick to make friends.


The Pug

Hamburg is a scholar of the lost civilization, who were The Masters? What are these artifacts? Can dogs read? What are pugs? His love of discovery is constantly at odds with his fear of death.


The Shiba

Tetsuo wears a red scarf in homage of the legendary heroes of old. He dives headlong into danger to challenge himself. He is full of justice and loves natto.


The Pomeranian

Emma is a thief extraordinaire with a heart of gold (as nothing else fits in her heart). Her specialty in being a burglar to cat burglars lets her wrong a wrong to make it right!

Gray Dog

The ???

Without a past or future, the mysterious Grey Dog was raised by Good Boy himself as an agent of D.O.G.E. Neither enemy nor friend, dogs and cats alike are constantly confused by his identity.

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